The Progression of Transformation




People don’t wake up one morning and decide to ruin their lives. Our messes are usually the result of some lie, abuse or trauma that’s plagued us our whole lives. The only way to experience a different life is to become a different person. Living from our identity in Christ is the only way to experience that new life.

But how do we become another person in Christ. We know we’re saved by grace through faith but how do we experience transformation? The simple answer is that we’re transformed by the renewing of our minds. But how does that transform us?

The progression of transformation is to believe on Jesus, receive a new heart, become indwelt by his spirit, change the way we think to agree with God’s truth and finally yield our hearts to his influence so our will and desires will be changed. When our will and desires reflect God’s intents and purposes for us, we will reflect his glory in this earth and he will be glorified.

Yielding to his influence is the labor we must do to enter the rest found in transformation. We must learn to create emotional margin within our souls so we have the presence of mind and patience to choose God’s options in our lives. We have to consciously choose to expose our inner man to his grace, his influence and desire a change. Own where you are but be willing to change.

God can’t just show up and change you apart from you making decisions as you are inspired by his influence and begin to live a new way. You have the responsibility to respond and take corresponding action.

This does not invalidate the completeness of your salvation which comes by grace through faith. Yielding to transformation is not a dead work of the flesh or self-effort. Taking responsibility to experience continual transformation is simply a decision to outwardly reflect what’s inwardly true of your spiritual new creation identity.

Fill your mind and heart with the Gospel. The Gospel is the power of salvation. This will create the environment to allow God’s power to work in and through you. As your inner man experiences transformation you will see the world through God’s perspectives and begin to live a new way!

This series will facilitate this process and bring more understanding to the process of transformation.


The Power of the Gospel: The Key to Unlock Transformation

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Message Titles

  1. The Power of the Gospel
  2. Righteousness Comes by Faith
  3. Identity Christianity vs Performance Christianity
  4. Take Ownership of Your Inheritance
  5. The Key to Unlock Transformation
  6. The Progression of Transformation

The GOOD NEWS about Jesus will change you!

The good news (gospel) about Jesus means good news for you. Believing the Gospel doesn’t just mean you’re on your way to Heaven, it means you’re qualified for a new life now. Experiencing lasting transformation and experiencing ongoing salvation is easier than you think. Living in this new life is not easy at times but it’s closer than you think.

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes… Romans 1:16a

True transformation comes by a revelation of Christ’s life in you. I will show you how to prepare your heart for revelation. The secret is, you already have this new life inside and it will take over your old life as you discover your true identity. There is a key to unlocking transformation that lies within the Gospel itself.

You can do this, you don’t have to struggle and barely get by the rest of your life. I want to help you learn how to rebuild your identity based on Christ has done for you and in you and live a new life.



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