Help Me Build Discipleship Resources and Get Access To Every Class

Many of you use my GOOD GOD and GOOD NEWS booklets to communicate the simple message of God’s goodness and the basic message of the cross in your personal ministries, I have a new idea for a few video courses that will simplify a essential topics that you can use personally and in your ministry toward others. More on that below

I want to change the way people see God. I want people to trust God because when people trust God, they open their hearts to him and his transformative grace shapes them into His image. I have no greater joy as a minister than to see people have an encounter with God’s spirit and it set them free from oppression, depression and fear. But far too many people still don’t know how to connect with God’s spirit and allow him to strengthen them in their inner being.

I am in the process of developing a few courses that are designed to help people rebuild their identity in the finished work of Jesus, discover the call on their lives, create a plan to walk out their passions and become a disciple of Jesus that is walking in his power.

I believe the Lord has shown me a way to streamline many of my teachings into a few thorough yet easy to use video courses. These courses will be available on-demand (online) and through flash drives that we can send around the world. When I say WE, I mean you too. I want to partner with you as you disciple others.

Each course will come with a workbook and “motion exercises” to develop your supernatural heart and divine mind. Romans 12:2 says we are transformed by the renewing of our mind…I want to help you renovate your mind, root your heart in truth and help you experience transformation in a lasting way. And I want to put tools in your hands to give to others who are ready to experience real transformation.


These courses will cost money to produce and distribute. There are equipment, production, design, development and distribution costs.

I am looking for partners who believe in what we’re doing through Forward Ministries. As a thank you for partnering with me, I will give you access to each and every course as they are developed. AND if you’re a regular supporter, I will allow you to give access to people you are ministering to. I know how difficult it is to find easy to use, concise resources to facilitate discipleship in this message.

This will be a lengthy process so I need people who are committed to helping me develop resources that can be accessed around the world. These courses will also equip pastors and ministers to effectively disciple their congregations in the finished work of Jesus. And they will empower you to be more effective in your personal ministries toward your friends and family.

I am connected with several international pastors that need good, easy to use, Gospel based materials to disciple their people and reach their communities. I am contacted weekly by pastors who need materials to establish the hearts of their people in the good news of the Gospel. I’m sure you know people who could use these resources.

Here are the courses so far. Most of them I have taught on Wednesday’s at my church so I’ll just need to film, develop the workbooks then prepare for distribution.

  • New Creation Identity: Our Joint-Inheritance with Jesus and the Authority of the Believer
  • Why Am I Here? Understanding Your Purpose, Living Your Dreams and Fulfilling Your Call
  • Living Forward: Taking Steps Toward the Desires of Your Heart
  • Communicating the Gospel: A Systematic Discourse in Teaching Others The Good News
  • Grace and the Supernatural: Prayer, Gifts of the Spirit and Offices of Administration
  • The Cross: Understanding the New Covenant Through the Old Covenant Sacrificial System
  • Specific books in the Bible as this grows


If you said yes, and I pray you do, there are two immediate ways to help.

PRAYER – Agree with me in prayer that these courses will be used by God to establish thousands of hearts in the Gospel. Begin to pray for those you’d like to give these courses to.
PARTNER FINANCIALLYSupport financially with a recurring or one-time gift.

Your prayers of agreement will increase the effectiveness of this effort. Your financial support will ensure a professional production and easy to use delivery system.

Many of you already give regularly and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Most people on my email list never give, and that’s ok! I will still continue to send free audio messages weekly and short videos on a regular basis. But this is an appeal to those of you who believe in this message and have been impacted to the degree that YOU WANT TO HELP.

As your gifts are made, I will add you to a Partners list to keep you updated and send you SNEAK PEEKS as courses and their related materials are produced. If you’re already a regular supporter, you will automatically be added to this list.

Thank you for your prayers and consideration in partnering with me to establish people’s hearts in grace!


Keep in mind, people who set up recurring gifts will be added to my sneak peek list and will receive updates as resources are produced!


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